Restore Outdoor are Melbourne’s Outdoor Repair Specialists

Restore Outdoor are dedicated to saving our clients money by offering an excellent outdoor repair service. It will almost always be cheaper to repair your outdoor setting then throw it away and commission a new one. Restore Outdoor is based in Mount Waverley and provide our outdoor restoration services in a 40 km radius. We focus on providing a quick service to our clients; we plan on assessing and quoting all projects within 48 hours and then getting them finished straight away. We work on one job at a time, so you know you’re our main focus. All work is craftsman built with passion and pride, and it is my commitment to you that my work will exceed your expectations. Restore Outdoor specialise in building smaller area features that have budgets of $1000 - $8000. Free quotes and sketches are available, along with onsite consultations. The full range of our services are below, all of them come backed by our 25 years of experience and speedy service.

Repair, Replacement and Cleaning


Getting your new outdoor feature installed shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. We can help install a range of hardscape features, including: patios, walls, paths, water features, fire features, we and more. If you don’t have the time or to do it yourself, then give Restore Outdoor a call.


Over time stone work will tend to crack or sink. In some cases it could also have been poorly installed in the first place. Outdoor Restore can repair cracks and poor workmanship quickly, saving you time and money on a costly replacement. We also offer a cleaning service for your stonework which will have it looking like new.

Don’t spend extra money on unnecessary replacements, call Restore Outdoor and get your repair started.


Broken and sunken pavers make dangerous tripping hazards. Restore Outdoor specialise in either replacing or repairing your pavers to make your backyard is hazard free. Replacing, repairing and cleaning pavers is usually a quick job and can take less than a day.

Timber Decking

Timber decking is a fantastic addition to almost any home, but as it ages it can be prone to damage from the elements and from constant use. Restore Outdoor will clean, seal and repair all timber decking to get it back to its original glory.


A broken set of stairs is incredibly dangerous. To avoid unnecessary injuries, call Restore Outdoor today. We will repair, timber, concrete and stone stairs to ensure they’re safe for your family. We can also create new handrails for extra safety.

Landscaping Assessments

Unsure if your outdoor area needs repairing or a complete new landscaping redesign? Restore Outdoor provide free advice and quotes for your landscape repairs. We will visit your home, assess the issue, and let you know exactly what needs to be done based on our 25 years of landscaping experience. If it can be repaired we can give you a quote on the day, and if it’s a larger job that needs a complete remodelling, we will recommend a great local landscaper for you.

Call or email us today to get your outdoor restoration started.